My passion for photography started when I was 10 years old. I took photos with different analogical cameras and above all with my insperable polaroid supercolor. Now I am more involved with digital photography, but I haven't lost my passion for polaroids and I still love to take pictures with 35mm and lomo cameras

I can say that my interest for the photography is strengthened when I have started my studies in Psychology.
In fact my greater interest was to the studies on the relation between psychology and art, is from the point of view of the artistic creation is from that of the use of the work of art.
So I thought that being the photography a form of art, it also expresses emotions, feelings and thoughts, that move from the photographer to the subject and vice versa from the subject to the photographer until to arrive to whoever looks the photography...the world around we speaks, and I would like that my photography it has a translation of what it wants to say us. my dream is to capture the mood of the people and the essence of everything in my shots.

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